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Discussion in 'SMB' started by matt228, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Not quite sure what you’re referring to? Must be from a while ago as I’ve been with a Scouser for about 5-6 years :lol:
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    Tis funny that both of us have spent significant spells of our lives in Uni-land yet (or because of our time) apparently hate students.

    I think hate is possibly a strong word, more hate their naivety and at times arrogance that the world owes them.

    I'm minded of an incident in the Colepitt in Durham where this student with the backing of mummy's and daddy's money was boasting of an expensive trip to South America. You just watched people as they either cringed with embarrassment or just wanted the tw*t to shut up and fuck off.

    He didn't even hear the remark "At least I fucking earned the money I used to pay for my holidays." he was so full of himself.

    I'm too ready to say what I think sometimes.

    There are reasons I tend to drink in Durham now when I know students aren't there.

    It would be a canny while back you posted up about the posh lass, but about that time you posted on that student forum about long term relationships. It was a long time ago, so not important.
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    I don’t actually have any real opinion on students as a group, I was just being silly.
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    I wasn't, well sort of.

    It's a thought that what used to be your pier group seem somehow detached from reality once you've put in a few years graft and you just cant lie in bed until the previous night's hangover has worn off. I can't honestly believe that used to be me.

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