Moving to the city

I’m looking to move into a new place this summer, budget and circumstances depending. I own my own home in Shildon but I have long-term tenants (my family) and it’s going to be crowded now that my older sister is going to have to move back in.

My ongoing job search seems to indicate that I would be more likely to find a job in Sunderland or Newcastle than Shildon (shockingly :lol: ). With that in mind, it may make sense to move to the city.

Anyone got any tips on where to start my Rightmove search? Despite having been to the match countless times, I don’t really know which parts of Sunderland are canny and which are best avoided. Ideally I would be in an area which doesn’t require a car, so near to metro or bus. Prepared to buy if I find the right property but obviously that’s quite a commitment. Just looking for ideas at this stage so all contributions welcome. :)
Ah. I'd stop there if I was you! If you can extend your visa that is
I can't extend it and I have volunteering and family commitments back in the northeast. To be honest, I've had a great time in Canada but a year is enough! It's not so much better than the UK that I would consider permanently uprooting. Lots of cons to go with the pros.

The Rat

I did say Sunderland or Newcastle. Yes, Newcastle is coming up as the most likely but there is a certain amount in Sunderland, too.
If I was you I'd move to Tynemouth, 20 mins from city centre on the metro, beautiful beaches, great bars and places to eat.

Its been my plan for a few years but never quite happened for work/lass reasons
Ball park price range will help mate. Do you want a flat or house?
I haven't got a job yet so I won't know how much I can afford until I do. Surely it doesn't make that much difference, though; there'll be somewhere affordable and somewhere unaffordable in every area.

I don't care if it's a flat or a house.