Missus wants a fitbit

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Epping, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. sima-hebburn

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    What battery does it take if you need to change it after a year?
    Easy to change provided you've some small electrical / PC screwdrivers - it takes 1 "coin" style battery, a CR1632. They're about £2.50 to replace.
    BTW my old vivofit 1 (now transferred to my wife) is still on the same battery after 18 months continuous use!

    its all guess work on you swinging your arms , you are swinging your arms :D

    I've had a few & best one I found was garmin, tracked you via GPS , SO AFTERWARDS WOULD GIVE YOU MILEAGE & show on map where you been & colour of pace you went at bright colours to start then getting darker as you slowed, so you could see where to refuel.

    its just find a satellite when you 1st started could take a few minutes, standing in garden waving me watch about in air (good job at 5am)
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  2. Have you set the different stride lengths?

    I find that with me and Mr B. He walks further and I think it's because his stride is different, or he swings his arms about more. We swapped Fitbits to check one day.
  3. The Hunt

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    Dont get the ones that you attached to your clothing, as she will definitely lose it. Get the wristband type ones.
  4. Has the missus been informed? You'll need clearance first, el whipped.
  5. Blyth

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    Get a polar A360, much better than a fitbit
  6. townboy

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    No, I didn't know you could. Will have a play with it later on thanks.

    Does that one monitor your heart rate and sleep?
  7. sima-hebburn

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    says sleep

    Shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes, time, date, monitors sleep, activity timer

    when i was into them i had a few , as i don't do exercise by halfs TO THE MAX

    so had one for sleep , 1 for gps & 1 to show off
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    Aye reet :lol:
  9. The Hooded Claw

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    She wants a bit like, a bit on the side.

    So I've heard.
  10. Got the Charge HR for Mrs N R & W (no). Got her the Alta too and told her to decide which one to keep! She went for the Charge as it was more what she wanted style wise and showed heart beat. Think it flashes up who's phoning you, not sure about texts.

    She seems happy with it which is the main thing...!
  11. Just saying what's true.
  12. Ceverton

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    Charge HR is the best one

    You still have your lovely dogs? If so she will clock up loads of steps and burn calories walking them :lol:
  13. townboy

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    Had a play about with the stride settings and they are both set up similarly.

    Our fit bits are about 1.5k out from today and we have been on the same walk.

    Disappointing really. That is very inaccurate.
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    Code for a threesome ?
  15. Dogs... Only ever had a dog..
  16. Well if the stride lengths are the same on both then of course it will be out. Your stride lengths will be different.
  17. sima-hebburn

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  18. nelford_safc

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    So says Mr not allowed on the Playstation tonight
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  19. townboy

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    We are pretty much the same height and have the same stride... Certainly not enough to warrant being that much out.
  20. Lies.

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