Memories of the 1990 Wembley play off final v Swindon.

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  1. Wewontbehomefortea

    Wewontbehomefortea Goalkeeper

    Who has memories of attending this visit to Wembley then? Even though they won the game it was just 10 days later Swindon Town’s world imploded. Ossie Ardiles – (remember him? He was the manager that time forgot at Sid James Park....just before Keegan waked in) had led Swindon to the ‘infamous’ 1-0 triumph over us at Wembley. We weren’t very good that day iirc?
    If I remember rightly this was the first time the play off final was over one game instead of two legs?
    The FA relegated them twice for sanctioning illegal payments. Lou Macari was at the helm of the club when these were made?
    The Mags were furious that we went up without winning the game! Even though we beat them at Sid James to make it there.
    All to no avail because we were relegated straight after in our first season back....what a bizarre time that was!
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  2. vinegar hill

    vinegar hill Striker

    It was one of the most one sided 1-0’s you’ll ever see.
  3. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    We was shite. Absolutely shite.
  4. Wewontbehomefortea

    Wewontbehomefortea Goalkeeper

    It was like! But I remember the elation when it was announced we would take their place.
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  5. Iballistic George

    Iballistic George Central Defender

    It was awful. I was 16 and remember the cheerleader girls and we were all singing get your tits out for the lads at them . Bus broke down at donny on the way back. Wasn't a nice bus either it was a normal passenger double decker and we were on the back seats on the lower lever then ones without a footrest. Was soooooo uncomfortable .
  6. We were embrassingly bad, could have been 6-0.
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  7. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Played off the park how it wa no more than one nil I'll knever kna
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  8. Wewontbehomefortea

    Wewontbehomefortea Goalkeeper

    It was obvious to us all that even when we were promoted we would come straight back down....and we did.
  9. Le Bon

    Le Bon Midfield

    Tony Norman
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  10. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Probably his greatest ever game for us
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  11. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    Best journey home ever. About 6 of us in the back of a transit (mad looking back at that but wasn't a big deal at the time), I was only 10, fell asleep in the car park at Wembley stadium, woke up in the Tyne tunnel.
  12. Wewontbehomefortea

    Wewontbehomefortea Goalkeeper

    He was outstanding.
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  13. Stortford

    Stortford Full Back

    All of this is so true, was embarrassing.

    There was such a long break between beating the Mags and this game. Think the players went on a warm weather training camp in Spain otherwise known as going on the lash, was also rumours of player unrest due squabbles over win bonuses.
  14. Wewontbehomefortea

    Wewontbehomefortea Goalkeeper

    Was Crosby Manager that season?
  15. Kent Boy 2

    Kent Boy 2 Midfield

    Can’t argue with that. Best goalkeeping performance I’ve ever seen and then he was beaten by a fluke. Don’t think we got out of penalty area never mind our half!
  16. Elephant

    Elephant Winger

    The weather was nice.
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  17. Kane

    Kane Central Defender

    Went there and back on the equivalent of a stagecoach single decker... can’t remember who was running the bus service at that time (Tyne & Wear PTE?)

    it was in the days when the back of the seat in front of you had a metal grid thing to put your tab out on. I fell asleep with my forehead on it for most of the journey home and had it imprinted for a good couple of days.

    It was the coldest and most uncomfortable I have ever been in living memory (apart from camping out outside the ticket office for tickets). Can’t remember much else about the day as I was 17 and pissed as a fart for most it
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  18. dred

    dred Winger

    Remember stopping at some village pub in Yorkshire on the way back and laughingly saying we would still get promotion because of the Swindon clock up.
    Never believed it would happen but were living the dream.
  19. Went last minute alone on national express from Wakey.
    Couple of quick pints on way to Wemberley from Marble Arch.
    Didn’t meet up with anyone.
    Bought a ticket outside for their end.
    Horrendous display.
    Caught bus back.

    Yes, it was that interesting:(
  20. Drove down from Aycliffe with my then 5 year old Son. My last ever visit to Wembo.

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