Memories of the 1990 Wembley play off final v Swindon.

Kent Boy 2

I drove to Swindon to queue for a ticket. There were more Sunderland than Swindon in the queues at their ticket office, and more Sunderland than Swindon in the area of Wembley where we were sitting.


Full Back
My dad was speaking to some of their fans before the game in a car park. They knew they were in the shit but didn't know what would happen to them.
Remember nowt about the game other than the aforementioned cheerleaders and a load of balloons got released before kick off. Think we wore the blue away kit?


It was awful. I was 16 and remember the cheerleader girls and we were all singing get your tits out for the lads at them . Bus broke down at donny on the way back. Wasn't a nice bus either it was a normal passenger double decker and we were on the back seats on the lower lever then ones without a footrest. Was soooooo uncomfortable .
Yeah those double deckers that the travel club organised were awful. The look on everyones face when they trundled down Roker Baths road was a look of disbelief

Kent Boy 2

Didn't Bob Murray say he knew the outcome of the whole thing before the game? Must have been a crazy time to be alive.
Yes, that’s what I heard. Most of the Swindon fans on the day knew they weren’t going up. Players on both sides must have been messed up. I’ve always been convinced that we knew before the semi at the Mags and that’s why they were so motivated for that game and then so “unbothered” against Swindon.


It was shite and my car broke down at Redbridge round about on the way home. "Its a mini metro Lyn, they've just rebadged it"


Went down on the supporters bus for the weekend. Got absolutely hammered on the day before the game. Ran amok in the hotel on the night. Got a bj from a bird from Shields. Tremendous weekend apart from the football.

Agent Zigzag

My Dad got Seats in the Olympic Gallery for £45.00. Prob equivalent to Club Wembley now.

Sat with my bag of homemade confetti at the ready (cut-up newspapers) which was never needed!
The night before was canny, Sunday night in Covent Garden and a short wander for a plodge in Trafalgar Square. Next day was nursing a hangover in a Kingsbury pub, tube to the game, then saw us get hammered.

Wandering back to the tube, a Sunderland fan was getting angry with the Swindon fans, demanding that they sing and celebrate their win like we would've done. No reaction at all. I think they knew what was coming.