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Memories of the 1990 Wembley play off final v Swindon.

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Wewontbehomefortea, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. The Ballazz

    The Ballazz Goalkeeper

    We were cack !

    I’d been in 85 as well - canny record back then....

    1-0 (x2) , Loss (x2), Own Goal (x2), Shite (x2)...
  2. shaun61

    shaun61 Striker

    Apart from having to take wife n 2 yo son down with me, the audi I had broke down, safc played shite and cudnt have decent slurp as driving back on the Monday after game, it was great:rolleyes:.

    Tony Norman saved us from an absolute towsing.
    We had no idea how to deal with their diamond formation which was a sad indictment of Smithys tactical nous.
    Swindon could easily have been 5 up at half time.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  3. Stortford

    Stortford Full Back

    Typical Sunderland trip to Wembley then.....going to be so different this time
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  4. Fred Army

    Fred Army Winger

    Awful game, only Tony Norman gave a good account of himself.
    It was my first time at Wembley and it had clearly seen much better days: The difference between the legend and the reality became all too apparent.
    The day itself was red hot and the bus journey was awful.
    Coming away from Wembley we were driving past hordes of Swindon fans in the street. None of thrm looked too bothered to gave won. I remember lads on the bus shouting at them: "cheer up you won"!
    Looking back, maybe even then they knew something we didn't?
  5. The Shepherd

    The Shepherd Midfield

    Tony Norman saved us from total embarrassment.
    The weather was lovely.
    Blue shorts with the class blue Hummel top for the first and only time.
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  6. bryc1

    bryc1 Striker

    I went down with the gayest top on ive ever seen aged 16 wearing pink elephants probably why we lost. Good job Swindon had dodgy finances and we beat the 3rd place mags..
  7. Jack Ford

    Jack Ford Winger

    Gary Rowell.........Steve Bruce......
  8. bernardbresslaw

    bernardbresslaw Striker

    We'd bought a Bedford CF crewbus from a bloke in Hendon to go to Italia 90 and were meaning to sell it as soon as we got back but ended up going down to Wembley in it. I can't remember much tbh, apart from parking outside the Blind Beggar on Mile End Road for a pint just as it was opening.
    Met me mam and dad inside Wembley, which was weird because they were supposed to be on a caravan holiday - they'd bumped into a coach full of Sunderland at a service station on the way down and they got given a couple of spares :lol:
  9. I'm Spartacus

    I'm Spartacus Winger

    I got pissed and fell asleep watching the match. I vaguely recall chucking my “lucky” paisley shirt away and heckling a fat Swindon slag who was winding us up in a traffic jam on the way back.
  10. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Me and my uncles drove down in an Austin Maestro at 90mph, the car was rattling :lol:
    Wembley looked enormous after being to Roker, was amazed. I was only 13 tbf
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  11. minkey

    minkey Striker

    We were shite, I remember having a particularly shite view too, I few rows back so head height was about pitch level!
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  12. bryc1

    bryc1 Striker

    90 in a fucking maestro :lol:
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  13. safc4ever

    safc4ever Full Back

    Walking out of Wembley after the Swindon game and my dad said congrats to a Swindon fan, he said no chance we will be promoted as Lou macari "had been caught with his fingers in the till". Sure enough a few weeks later they were relegated two divisions initially.
  14. Big Sharp Teeth

    Big Sharp Teeth Striker

    Was only 16 and went in minibus with my brothers, dad and his mates. There was a spare seat taken by a Peter Sutcliffe look a like who nobody knew too well. Just remember him being an arse on the way back when we stopped off at services and he claimed he’d heard Swindon had been denied promotion and we were going up instead. That got us cheering...until he said ‘not really’ and started laughing. Tit.
  15. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    You have my sympathies marra. I was front row by corner flag for the Charlton playoffs. Couldn’t see the ball when it was below knee height because of advertising hoardings.
  16. bryc1

    bryc1 Striker

    I was asleep for the entire first half of the Charlton game absolutely mortal
  17. Chef

    Chef Central Defender

    Remember thinking we are gonna piss this.in the pre-match build up we won everything.but as soon as the match started....the rest is history!
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  18. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    My Ma's car that I took to Wembley:



    We stayed at my mate's kip in Ealing. We had a cracking weekend bar the match.
  19. The Ballazz

    The Ballazz Goalkeeper

    Ha completely forgot about the pre-match stuff.

    My mate ‘blondie’ ( Johnny Atkinson from Morpeth) was in the U18 match. They won ..

    I’m gannin to have a look in the loft think the program is up there somewhere...
  20. Chef

    Chef Central Defender

    It was unreal.suppose it was an omen like

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