Mayweather Vs McGregor 26th Aug

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Oli Wagkz, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Half way down that article at 2.05 it's mentioned.
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    I didn't say there was a video of it. I said there is a video where it's being mentioned. It's only a couple posts back for you to re read.
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    I've seen a video of Jessy Vargas saying he'd heard mcgregor was knocked out. I've never seen the video of him being knocked out though.
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    Do a bit research before you call me a liar. It was on fox news this morning sparring with a pro welterweight and he looked awful. His sparring partner put him clean out

    It's not that one

    I watched it on FS1 sports show undisputed this morning. It's all over the internet that it happened I'm sure you'll find it if you look hard enough

    He's got a yellow head guard and gloves on in it. His sparring partner is just picking him off at will
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    No he didn't...

    Does anyone have this so called imaginary sparring partner "putting him clean out"

    Thought not ffs

    Breaking news, just heard mayweather was knocked spark out in sparring, think it may have been Ashley theopane. Some mma fighter walking around Mowbray park was talking about it.
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    The TV just put out a fake news report then did they
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    me too - I missed McGregors original tweet, but wouldnt put it past the mad fucker to be playing games.
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    I've had 2418 retreats on my mma fighter in Mowbray park claiming mayweather was sparked in training rumour.

    Some daft curnt will come on here mentioning it shortly.
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    It was a rumour from last year - spread to find out who was leaking news from his camp -(someone told to a reporter that his gf was pregnant before it was announced). This was just before the Eddie Alvarez fight. Brought up again now for some reason.

    The video you are talking about doesn't exist. There is no video of mcgregor ever being knocked out. Professionally or sparring.
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    What about the one of mayweather???
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    I hear thats a fact. Mayweather was 'knocked out in a sparring session' by Bradley Wheeler weeks out from super fight.

    Wheeler, a British MMA fighter, has been injured since June 2 after suffering defeat to Matt Inman at Cage Warriors.

    A month in a cast due to leg fractures was followed by a further three weeks on crutches, meaning any rumoured sparring session would have been near impossible however he still knocked out the undefeated boxer.
  20. The CEO of Mayweather is defending Conor McGregor's boxing style. Yeah this is going to be a legitimate boxing match.:lol:

    Fan boys having a meltdown.:lol:

    It was the other way around.:lol:

    There was a rumor that Errol Spence knocked Mayweather on his arse in sparring before the Pacquiao fight.
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