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    i dunno....highly hopped ipas can be hard work whereas some dark beers are quite light in taste and abv. there isnt a hard and fast rule imo
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    You wear a tie?
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  3. Chicken Kiev

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    You are not wrong mate!

    Had away and shite man, theyre fucking lovely.

    If they are not to your taste fair enough but why you have to constantly put them down is the point we dont get. Everyone has the fave drinks, just appreciate that some are different to yours
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  4. Twisted

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    So from 'ipa are for true men, stout drinkers cant drink handle more than 4 pints' to 'dark beers are hard work' sounds like you are the one who cant hack it.

    Dont mind ipas but I'm not a huge fan of the hugely hoppy especially new world big hops, all flowers and grapefruits and that.

    Ultimately there is a time and a place for all beers. Id not sit and drink 12 pints of porter or sour but that doesn't mean they're not top quality beers out there.

    Also is a sloppy drinker. Spilling beer, disgusting behaviour
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  5. shogun1904

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    Love ipa me. I love lager anarl.
  6. dangermows

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    IPA's, in the main, are lifting. Far too hoppy.

    Stouts and Porters are the best drinks, but again, not ideal for a full blown session.
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    I always pictured Lou as a Lou Carpenter type figure
  8. muggboots

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    She's more Ferrigno.
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  9. ouro

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    I brush up quite smart man.

    Have you any idea who you are arguing with about the drink?
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  10. Twisted

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    Tbh I didn't even know we were arguing

    Ha! Lou Carpenter , they were just the days weren't they....
  11. muggboots

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    Maximus now in stock.
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  12. Twisted

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    Does that mean the Darwin is in now anarl?

    Meant to say to those enjoying it, replenish of extinction - the barley wine - is on supposedly
  13. AndrewP

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    Got these from one of those online clubs:

    Seems like a canny selection.

  14. niknak_123

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    the cuvée Alex le rouge is lovely... although supping a 10.2% imperial stout on a Wednesday afternoon can't end well
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  15. Twisted

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    It'll be the weekend eventually
  16. Twisted

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    @dangermowes and other #TeamStout ers

    Just supping a raven, sonnet's bourbon milk stout. Exceptional.
  17. RichDevoto

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    Fecks sake Andy yer cannit go and post stuff on here that you've bought elsewhere, Lou's Beer Police will be on you like a ton of bricks!
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  18. clyde

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  19. muggboots

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    I don't think so mate. Hahaha. You'll be the first to know if I do.

    Doing a run for a few beers this afternoon. :D

    Just got back with 3 Flash House beers, an IPA, an APA and a nice porter. Also been to Northern Alchemy, got Mosaic Oatmeal IPA (ironically the lad from Flash House's favourite beer at the minute), a fucking top drawer (I'm drinking it now) lemon and vanilla oatmeal stout and the lavender black berlinerwiess.
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    any new belgians in this week, or confirmation of lous shift pattern? :lol::lol:
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