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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Chicken Kiev, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Chicken Kiev

    Chicken Kiev Central Defender

    just noticed this place on cleveland road after i left the gym so popped in.

    Lad behind counter reckons hes going to try and create a "Rehills" type of place and is awaiting a bloke from york to start supplying him. He is open to ideas of what people would like so ive hoyed my two penneth in, mainly IPA's obviously but for those who like their ales get yourself in as he says he will get whatever you want.

    Anyway the Jakehead and Hickey The Rake are mine lads!
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  2. Thackeray

    Thackeray Striker

    Snotgobbler's Old Dirigible for me.
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  3. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    Hope he does well.
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  4. Pop

    Pop Striker

    Wish him all the best but I'm not paying £4 for a bottle of beer to drink at home.
  5. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    If the prices aren't cheaper than B&M's then they'll not be getting my trade. They got a website?
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  6. where's that?
  7. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    Aye, they're going to have to gan canny. Saying that, it's a good location for anyone passing on the way home from the pub I suppose.

    The road that splits the ABC streets up High Barnes. Can only think he's taken over the florist, the barbers, the bakers, or the newsagents over the main road.
  8. Sounds class. I'd definitely be interested in stuff other than the boring shite the supermarkets and places like b & m get in. Interesting to see how many others would though. I get the impression quantity rather than quality might do better for many on here.
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  9. Pop

    Pop Striker

    Because something is brewed by in a small batch by an independent brewery does that make it better beer?

    All the super markets get loads decent stuff in now.
  10. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    @Marty Moose

    They do aye, but it seems to be the same stuff. I like getting pissed on a range of delectable delights, like Bucket's Golden Stew, and Tangiers Fanny Buckler.
  11. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    Unless you've got a really sensitive palate then there ain't much of a difference in taste between many of the ales in my opinion, and once you've had a few they all start blending into one.
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  12. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    The joy is in the journey, not the inevitable destination. :lol:
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  13. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    Lidls got titanic plum porter on at 1.25 a bottle. Just took 10 at consett.

    Lovely drop.
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  14. Nero the dog

    Nero the dog Midfield

    It's on the corner of Cleveland Rd and Chatsworth St. It's not exactly a main road so is only going to survive by word of mouth.
  15. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    Aahhh I know where it is now. Aye, it's a bit buried there like.
  16. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

    Why? They are fucking shit.

    The Fosters of the beer world.
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  17. Pop

    Pop Striker

    The 'in' thing at the minute, don't mind a session IPA but these double/triple hopped IPA are canny rank.
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  18. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

    No, IPAs were in about 6 year ago. Lowest common denominator shite.

    Has this place taken over the hairdressers or the newsagents? Can't find it on Facebook either...
  19. Chicken Kiev

    Chicken Kiev Central Defender

    People who know me on here know thats what i drink

    As for ya Fosters quote..................

    it was a newsagents years ago cos me mates fatha had for a while.
    hairdressers ower the road iirc
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  20. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger


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