Louis Theroux Transgender Kids

Discussion in 'SMB' started by bryc1, Nov 12, 2017.

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    I've worked with one lass who was trans and she ended up suing the company for bullying. She wasn't getting bullied like, she just wasn't a very nice person.
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    Two at our place. Both seem sound.
  3. I understand what you're saying. You're making a massive assumption that the operation is the main issue in these cases, it may be what some fixate on but it isn't a fix all for their problems. These are really complex cases.
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    Opposing nature doesn't usually work out well.
  5. My central heating is working just fine.
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    What is being burnt to keep your pinkies warm?
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    Actively promoting transgenderism amongst children is a form of abuse as far as I'm concerned.
  8. No clue, it could run on the tears of unicorns for all I know.
  9. Think of it this way, his program on anorexia wasn’t full of doctors giving them diet pills and sending people with that mental disorder for liposuction was it? It’s body dysmorphia. You wouldn’t tell a schizophrenic that the voices in there head were real would you? Shame on all the doctors chucking pills at kids, this will be looked back on in years from now and roundly condemned as child abuse. By all means live how you want to live but mutilating yourself will not help you as suicide rates of pre and post op are about the same.

    I feel their pain as I have the brain of a world class footballer with a 12 inch schlong but I’m trapped in the body of a 32 yo lazy fucker with a regular appendage.
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    Nobody is born a 'man', because a man is an adult male. I think you're conflating sex with gender; the first is an obvious biological assessment, and the second is a bit more of a grey area with deals with self-identity and social constructions. I do think it is very, very dodgy to make life-altering changes to a 5 year old, however, based on their professed identity; the level of emotional maturity and self-identity are nowhere near developed enough to make an informed, responsible decision.
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    Imagine confusing sex and gender :lol:
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    You got a sources for that?
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    Yep. These people are mentally unwell and need help. Society seems to celebrate it though which is completley mental when mental health issues are generally being taken a lot more seriously now.
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  14. My gaffer went to a conference that covered it a couple of months ago.

    There's shit loads online if you Google it.
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    Sex is a biological fact, and gender is predominantly a concept. Words like 'girly' or 'boyish' as adjectives are demonstrable of this, otherwise those terms would be utterly meaningless if all they meant was 'has a cock/fanny'. They carry with them an expected or anticipated set of behaviours and characteristics, based upon social constructions of what constitutes being a boy or a girl.
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    It appears to be the in trendy thing for middleaged men and women who have been married for years and have grown up kids to want to change sex.
    It is unseemly and not right in my opinion.
    Also putting pressure on little boys to play with dolls and little girls to wear boys clothes and play with say toy soldiers and cap guns(can you still do that like what me and my pals did years ago) is wrong.
    This agenda pushing for changes to little lids normal inclinations is completely unnatural in my way of thinking.
    Mind I did do some backstreet skipping with the girls many many years ago.
    You are what you are get on with it.
    Can someone born with cerebral palsy change their permanent disability
    No they cant
    Modern science can help but sometimes you have just got to make the very best of what you have got and get on with things.
    you dont have to settle for second best but this transgender malarky and other matters to create perfect human beings seem to have master race Nazi connutations.
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    There's shit loads of anything online if you google it.
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    Imagine confusing :lol: with an actual response ;)
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    Trendy :lol:

    Just deal with it :lol:

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