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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Roker Mackem, Jan 9, 2018.

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    I can only go off the before and after calibration and I wouldn’t ever be without it now.

    The article above has the below comment which made me lose respect for it somewhat:

    “Despite what proponents of calibration tell you, the difference between most TVs calibrated and uncalibrated isn't huge. This difference is getting even more narrow, as the better modern TVs tend to be relatively accurate out of the box (i.e. before calibration) in their best picture settings.”

    That’s a big statement and not really accurate, the colours are way out on the LG OLEDs for example. He showed me similar for high end sets from Sony and Samsung as well. So definitely not relitevly accurate out of the box.

    Of course each to their own, if people are happy to spend a few grand on a telly and just make do with it, that’s their choice.

    If I paid and didn’t think there was much difference I definitely wouldn’t consider doing it again. It would be chucking money away.
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    I looked at doing it meself

    but won't pay incase tv has to go back/breaks/nicked/ update wipes settings etc etc then its another £300 to have it done again.

    for a £880 quantum dot tv I'm happy with , £300 to get the last couple of % out of picture , sleepy couldn't sell me it :eek::lol::p

    Before we get started, know that the vast majority of TVs now come from the factory set quite accurately. Choose the “home” option at first setup and you might be perfectly happy with the image quality. If that’s the case, spend your time watching a great movie instead of fiddling with the TV’s controls. But if you’d like to milk the last couple percent of image quality from your TV, we’ll guide you through the process. Just Just don’t expect your $500 TV to all of a sudden look like it has quantum dots or OLEDs on board.
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    Got a 65 ks 9000 but thinking of saving up for the new LG c8 they showed at ces last week.
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    Im getting pressured by family members to get it up high on the wall. All seem shocked I want it closer to eye level.
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    Wow id hate to have to crane my neck to watch that....far too high up its supposed to be eye level
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    Lovely pussy though
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    Low ceiling.
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    I think they always have but the tvs were much sturdier. Our previous one out little lad hit it with a toy hammer and it cracked the screen. Old TVs you could get a damp cloth and wipe across it, nowadays it fucking electrical cleaning wipes and gentle as she goes.
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    its by far the best, sony android can do more in theory, but its a disaster, takes ages to do anything with the tv , general performance is slowed down because of it.

    lg is spot on
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    My Sony Android is fine. No slowdown or performance issues. I suspect it might go to shit if I was trawling the google store installing games and apps galore, but it’s a telly, so I have the standard telly apps - Netflix, iPlayer etc, and plex/Kodi and also one that allows Apple play. It works a dream.
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    Try it compared to a non android smart tv, such as a WebOS one. Or compared to a dedicated Android box, then you will see mate.

    Do they still have dual core CPU's on them, or have they moved on now?
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    Have done, no faster/slower. As I say, there’s very few apps on my home screen so that probably keeps it tip-top. Tbh I’m not really fussed about it now that Kodi doesn’t work (easily) as that was my main motivation for getting the android system. It’s nice that I can use Apple play without a dedicated device though, and plex is good, although I’m sure it’s available on LG and Samsung. I’m just a bit of a Sony fanboy when it comes to audio visual stuff.

    Don’t know about the cpu situation mate, I just know it cost a fair bit, looks sexy as fuck (like a sheet of glass - no bezel) and the picture is great.
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    There's a setting called vivid which is the greatest setting known to man iirc.
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    true that's what I use


    crank up the brightness
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    And then shop mode which is like vivid on steroids!
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    I know a few

    I know a few people who have had no bother mind, just the luck of the draw I think.
    Not sure what the Phillips android ones are like.
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    Personal preference I guess mate, but they are definitely slower than others - I spent a fortune too on one and got shot of it after a few months.

    Think of it like using a fire stick then getting a better device, it's that much different...BUT...if you are happy, thats all that matters!

    All the same mate, convenient, but just not as powerful as a dedicated device. It does for most though I suppose, same as firesticks are hugely popular!
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