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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Lipso

    Lipso Midfield

    With the first two scores read out I thought it was for Foot. The 115-110 had me perplexed.
  2. Scimmy

    Scimmy Striker

    Proof, if it were needed, that the boxing game is not clean.

    Pretty disappointing, really.
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  3. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Really looking forward to this fight.
  4. Fancy having a minute's silence at 10.45pm on a fight night. It was never going to be properly observed.

    Still disgusting mind.
  5. Fucking hell, some right knuckle draggers on show during that minutes silence.
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  6. moshpit

    moshpit Winger

    Nee the wonder people have lost faith in boxing. Shocking decision.
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  7. Seriously mate, even without the 2 deducted, Leather certainly didn't have a 10-8 round so where did the extra point come from?
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  8. super sleeves

    super sleeves Striker

    That 115-110 score card man. Did he have a Labrador sitting beside him
  9. Really looking forward to this. Despite him being English, I'm not a fan of Smith and prefer Williams.
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  10. Scimmy

    Scimmy Striker

    Why do all these boxers come out to MOBO? I'd love someone to come out to "Rock And Roll" by Led Zep.
  11. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Williams KO in round 9 I reckon
  12. Dennis

    Dennis Central Defender

    Smith points
  13. super sleeves

    super sleeves Striker

    I'm fucking fuming :lol:
  14. Butters

    Butters Winger

    Smith is a proper gobshite, like his brother Paul. Hope he gets sparked clean out to keep him quiet for a bit.
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  15. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    I like Smith, good boxer. Should be a fun fight.
  16. RichD

    RichD Striker

    I'n at the metro and foot was well ripped off.
  17. KGC83

    KGC83 Striker

    Geordie bastards
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  18. RichD

    RichD Striker

  19. super sleeves

    super sleeves Striker

    How did the crowd take it
  20. Lipso

    Lipso Midfield

    I honestly cannot have a real interest in boxing and invest passion into anyone. It's a complete waste of time due to the promoters and judges. The poor fighters slogging it out and doesn't have a baring on the result unless they KO.
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