Katherine Jenkins @ Herrington park

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wearside Wanderer II, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. is their usually event transport from Sunderland for these such events, or is is public bus if so can someone point a newbie bus wanker in the right direction. Can't find no info on any website so I don't think there is but thought I would ask.
    Nee photos but it's a wad from me.
  2. Sima

    Sima Striker Lost Magpie

    £33 :lol:
  3. DJP

    DJP Striker

    I know the 78 and 78A buses go past the park. Just go on the Nexus bus timetables website and work out your route:

  4. dafunk2

    dafunk2 Midfield

    Definite wad. I reckon she'd be pretty adventurous too.
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  5. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    That's a bit steep. A Day Rover (Bus AND Metro) for all tyne & wear is only £7.
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  6. Cheers
    By the looks of that I can get there but not back..
    Looking again I guess it turns into the 78a later on. There is hope!
    I can sub you a few quid if times are hard mate
  7. If you are a pensioner you get free buses anywhere, so cant see them being happy with £33 like.
  8. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    love the cowies does our Katherine
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  9. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    I would be amazed if they don't do shuttle buses.
  10. I remember when the park was a colliery.
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  11. Anar, can't find nowt tho.
  12. chenders

    chenders Midfield

    Sounds like a really good event
  13. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    excellent point. £33 seems a reasonable price for Katherine Jenkins at that sort of event with a full orchestra.
  14. Wandered around it with the dogs today, the mine closed in 1985.
  15. So the rumour she is going to the Round Robin for a post-show cider and black is true?
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  16. Yes both of my grandfathers worked there mate.
  17. At least something decent has been done with the land, was chokka today.
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  18. Yes it's strange to think that thousands of people worked there over the years and of course RIP to those who didn't reach the surface after a shift.



    Gorman, Francis, 16 Jan 1900, aged 13, Driver, Killed by slipping when jumping off his full set. The first tub passed over him [Sunderland Echo reports: accident - 17 Jan 1900 pg 3]
  19. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Get bus to Board inn and walk mate.
  20. Ducklin, Joseph, 05 Mar 1897, aged 14, Driver, He was on his way in-bye with his pony, and the set of fifty empty tubs was following, when a coupling broke, and fifteen of the tubs ran amain and caught him. Died about five hours afterwards
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