Jimmy Savile

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  1. taipeisafc

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    I went to school with him - from what he says on here he hasn't changed a bit in the 20 odd years since he left.
  2. Sneech

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    Bit harsh that like.

    I mean he's a complete deviant with a liking for young lasses.

    Whereas Savile raised millions for charity.
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  3. taipeisafc

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    I think my dad used the word pooftah - he hated Saville.
  4. Wayhay!
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    The remaining question for me will always be . If Savile was so "big" in the 60's that he couldn't be touched how was it that at the hight of his success Simon Dee - the DJ who had the biggest TV peak time show of around 25 million viewers - was bounced from the BBC and effectively never worked again. I am not saying that Dee was not a prat and I don't really know whether he deserved it or not it but he was much more popular and more marketable than Savile. Dee's fate illustrates that contary what we are led to believe no BBC DJ was "untouchable" . Dee after all was dumped overnight just for being a prima donna and annoying Bill Cotton the BBC's Head of Light Entertainment. So just exactly how did Savile get away with what a lot of people knew and were saying about him? The BBC never had any qalms about showing other people the door. They were even happy to sack the very popular Kenny Everett in 1970 just for making a very weak joke about the then Minister of Transport . For me it just does not add up.
  6. Cack Stottie

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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat.
  7. oddjobbob51

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    I was once at a Vaux dinner/awards function at the Gosforth park hotel about 20 years ago and was sat at the same table as the hotel manager, we got talking about celebs that stay there, and i asked who was the worst, he said Savile but would not go in to further detail why but the disgusted look and way he said it was easy to read.
  8. jackynutmeg

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    aye sister-in-law mate....pig in knickers
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  9. Cack Stottie

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  10. richyrich

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    Everybody knew. Should all be charged with fkn aiding and abetting imo.

  11. FootballFan

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    Thatcher protected him IMO
  12. Brian Griffin

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    I crossed paths with Jimmy Savile a number of times - as did a lot of my colleagues.

    It’s simple to ask why did nobody call the police or ask him face to face but real life isn’t like that - you can’t call the police because you’ve heard rumours.

    For me he was always in ‘show mode’ so even if somebody did give him a hard time he would just deflect it with arrogance, humour and aggression.

    A lot of people who spent a lot more time with him than myself talk about feeling grimy after being with him - he was like that.

    Others defended him until they started look stupid. He was a very clever man who could make you trust him and defend him.

    Total deviant.
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  13. dangermows

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    It's even in the title.

    Theroux asked him on TV and he basically laughed it off.
  14. taipeisafc

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    I honestly thought it was Saville - even looking at it now I see it wrong, world blindness I guess.
  15. Jimmy Saville was a powerful name when I was growing up. He was seen endorsing charity and products everywhere. Walking about on the tele with royals and politicians daily ( it’s how I remember it but might be wrong). It could be like calling someone like David Beckham out nowadays ( disclaimer; I’m not saying he is )
  16. Bob Fleming

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    I shook his hand once. Along Marsden when he was training ahead of GNR. I was probably about 8 or 9. Loads of my schoolfriends did too. He probably had a wank when he got in.
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  17. Dogbark

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    I don't think he can be compared in that way. I reckon that he had a lot of dirt on a lot of people at the top.
  18. dangermows

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    Think 'Vile'
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  19. Saville didn’t have the lass following but he was very much in the public eye. Marathons, prime time tele programme that every kid wanted to be on, adverts and giving the money to charity, walking the streets with royals and the PM. His “brand” as we now call it was very big. If he had noncing info on powerful people? I’m sure it will come out one day if he did. Once these people start dying like him and Cyril Smith did, things come out.
  20. Dogbark

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    I'm aware of status he had. I also think he will have taken most of his 'knowledge' to the grave.

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