James Faulkner

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by smoker, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Thought he must have been caught DUI again when I saw a thread about him, good luck to him.
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    I look forward to the day that this isn’t worthy of being considered a ‘story’.
  5. The Rat

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    So it turns out he didn't come out, its his mate :confused:
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  6. So it’s attention seeking then?

    #togetherfor5years he must have known what this implied.
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  7. Greavsie

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    Bizarre situation.
  8. I guess he was trying to be funny/clever

    Or given how long it took for the clarification, he wanted the attention.

    Very odd
  9. Silly Point

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    Convict twat
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  10. Who's the other 2? I know Steven Davies is one.
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  13. I disagree. He knew exactly what it implied. The hashtag is clear for that

    It took him overnight to clear the air. His phone must have been exploding with messages
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  14. Just think it's a bit of daft banter personally, can see both sides but no need for anyone to be taking offence at it.
  15. I’m not offended.

    I’m saying it makes him an attention seeking dickhead.
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  16. No, not you personally, but there'll be plenty others dying to be offended by this.

    I really don't see the big issue personally, if he's intentionally misled people then fair enough but it wouldn't be the first post I've seen on social media effectively celebrating a bromance.
  17. I really get bored of the default answer to everything being about “the terminally offended”. Gene Hunt will be on later to do this

    On the second point. He’s either
    - deliberately misleading. And thus a twat
    - thick as pigshit

    I’m going with the first given the hashtag
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  18. smoker

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    Are you gay or do you have gay friends or relatives? If not, you're probably not the best person to decide whether it's an issue or not.
  19. Well, is it really worth anyone being offended by this? I mean why should anyone be offended?
  20. smoker

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    Because he has trivialised 'coming out'.
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