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  1. I'm sure there's fan greater issues in the world for all types of sexual orientation.
  2. smoker

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    So what? They're still within their rights to point out he's being a dick.
  3. They are, no issues if that's what people think. Personally think it's a non-story, the explanation may sound convenient but stacks up and that should be the end of it for me.
  4. No. They shouldn’t

    But why is that even the point? Why do people default to “oh people are offended again”. No one here is offended, we’re calling him a twat
  5. Bri

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  6. I was referring to the wider society, some of which will jump on this and make a mountain out of a molehill.
  7. I know you are. But it’s missing the point completely. You’re focusing on the reaction rather than the action
  8. The action is thoughtless at worst IMO. The reaction will be far more severe than required I'm sure. Only Faulkner knows whether he was deliberately trying to mislead people and if he was then he's silly, but it's not malicious, it's probably more childish if anything.
  9. The Rat

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    All his cricket colleagues congratulating him in the comments for being brave

    Fairly poor taste and not funny I’d say

    Its poor journalism like but the fact he has been with a lass before is irrelevant, I knew that already, but assumed he'd been keeping it secret

    Coupled with the comments from his teammates saying congratulations for being brave et

    its not the crime of the century but shows a pretty pathetic sense of humour

    Yeah I think Smoker is right it trivalised quite an important issue for a lot of people
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  10. What's the deal with him being with a lass before? Have I missed that in the statement?
  11. Bri

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    I don't know. I'm laughing my head off at all of this. Who hasn't sent a message that was loosely worded or one that wasn't misinterpreted?

    Funnier than a cricket ball in the knackers anyway. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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  12. brandon

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    Erm, very strange this. Kind of unsure of how I should really proceed on the matter.

    So it turns out he isn’t gay, but in actual fact, if he’d have been clever - which it appears is beyond him - even though he isn’t gay, he may have been able to push this as some kind of positive force for good regarding the whole sexual persuasion side of things. In that it’s completely fine to be gay even though I’m not.......

    However, his mishandling of this could land him in a lot of hot water - rightly or wrongly a lot of people won’t be impressed.

    Normally I’d find this sort of snowflake baiting very funny and I probably still will have a bit of a laugh about it, but this could turn very ugly.
  13. The Rat

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    No, Ijust remember he was, think she was someone famous sister
  14. He has credited the LGBT community for their positive response, which saves a bit of face I guess.
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  15. Silly Point

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    Top ben'ar there Faulky moyt:rolleyes:
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  16. brandon

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    Aye, hopefully all is not lost.
  17. :lol:
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  18. The Rat

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    It will be forgotten soon enough

    Just think it shows he’s a bit of an immature lad

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