How many full time jobs have you had


I did 3 distinct full time jobs for 3 companies. The. The 4th company was taken over by Oracle, so the job was the same just different email address. I subsequently left to go independent so I kind of do the same thing just working for myself.


I think it’s an ex military thing but since I left school I had 2 temp jobs then joined the army. After 14 years i left that then I’ve had 6 jobs in 5 years in 3 countries :lol:. I just can’t settle
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11 full time employments in twenty years plus two years part time at Ku.

From the 11, I’ve held more than one role in the past two.
My current job I have had for 22 years, and between leaving college and eventually having that job I had approximately a dozen casual/temp jobs inbeteeen 1993-1997.


3 in 12 years. I like to stay no longer than 5 years to keep things fresh and hopefully move on to better things.

I think by moving jobs you learn more and gain a better skill set.