How many full time jobs have you had


8 in the last 13 years if I count the ones I had while still doing college/uni, full time but short term - 5 if I don’t. To be fair, it should be less, but I had a spell where I left 3 jobs in the space of 3 months before my current job which I’ve been in for 2 years. :confused:
Same company for 29 years, but 14 different jobs. This one will probably be my last one, or penultimate one, and see me through to retirement in a 6 years time.

Fred Basset

4 in 23 years. The first two had changing roles in them. The third was great because it made me wake up and realise I needed a whole new career, which led me to number 4.
6 in 31 years for me not counting location changes/promotions/changes in business ownership. 3 of those were within 6 months of leaving uni when I was deciding what I wanted to do and where.
8 in 8 years :lol:

Admittedly, 2 of those were between 2-3 years each, 5 were very short term I.E a few weeks / months and my latest position I have been in for 7 month now.