How long have we got?

Another 3,000 years maybe

The important thing now is the space exploration to find a new home
That doesn't come in the top 1000 of important things.
but then you offset that with the new species being discovered:

I don't think they offset anything
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I’ll go theres posters on here whose children will witness the last days of life on earth. I’ve nivver been a saver though.

There’s a Chinese rocket currently orbiting out of control. It’s expected to hit earth in about a weeks time. Once it renters the earths atmosphere they reckon it’ll be six hours before it hits earth. Last one damaged some buildings in the Ivory Coast. Six hours to clear the area if it’s heading for land. Im gonna fill the car up....though it’s due an mot this week. Hmmmm decisions decisions.
Christ, thats some firework!!