Holidays 2023

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Anyone been to the gambia ? I'm away for a couple of weeks next Wednesday. Lads I'm going with have been loads of times but first time for me. Never fancied Africa but it was a spur of the moment thing.

Looking at St Bart’s for the summer and going to try and book a winter trip and try some snow boarding .
Always fancied it and now I’ve more time
Done Bratislava with a day in Vienna with a few lads back in April, and just got back last week from a solo trip in Malaga with a bit explore of Mijas and Granada.

Hoping to make having a lads trip and a solo trip each year a regular occurrence.
Bet there's a few nhs/train drivers amongst them. Probably browsing jet2 when :rushed off there feet" on nights

Is the top 1 where Colin farrell lived with jenny the donkey in that shit film?
Banshees of Inishiren? Colin Farell and Brendan Gleeson reunited, thought it was class.
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