Forthcoming gigs.

mad cyril

Anyone been to the Tynemouth Surf Cafe for a gig?
Going there in December, website makes it look more a foody pub.
Yeah mate. Saw Frankie and the heartstrings there. It’s very small but decent enough
Ibibio Sound Machine were fucking excellent last night at The Riverside. :)
Few pals went and have raved about it
Saw them back in May at all points east festival and they were really good m
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I've had tinnitus since I was about 23 and been using the ear plugs ever since - wish I wasn't so naive and got them earlier.
I`ve worn earplugs for years and use Alpine Pro`s now which are filtered to reduce the impact of the sound while keeping the clarity of the music. I`ve had a couple of people making snarky remarks when I put them I but I go to a LOT of gigs and I want to protect my hearing so that I can enjoy music for many years to come. If they want to play it tough and wear nothing then that`s up to them and their impending deafness.
Never had more than 24 hours ringing/deafness til that last gig, but the ear still isn't right now so I'm taking that as the warning shot. I'll still feel like an utter prawn wearing them though!
Not at all. Shows you have used your common sense. Let those who laugh at you be the ones that suffer persistent ringing in their ears for the rest of their lives. You only have one pair of ears. Look after them. There`s nothing prawn-like in doing that.
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St Etiene next Wednesday. Had quite the crush on Sarah Cracknell back in the day.
Ooh, me too.(not the gig, but loved Sarah Cracknell).didn't realised they toured, Ill have to look out for them.
Loved their album, the one with marios cafe and you're in a bad way.

Were they on Sarah records then? Used to quite like a few of those indie bands on that label - talulah gosh especially
What. Have they got new stuff out. Loved them back in the early 90s
That's the thing.
If I saw them I'd only want to hear stuff from early 90's.
Dont know if they've done our since BTW
25th anniversary of Tiger Bay release. I'm seeing them at Warwick Art Centre but they're playing the Sage next Friday I think.
Dont know that one.
Just been looking on Spotify, so tough is the one I had and loved.
I'll give a few of the others a listen tomorrow. Didnt realise they'd done so many
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My Boy Harry

The monochrome set are coming to the cluny next March

Other than that nowt much else on tbh

Ticket prices for the pet shop boys are pretty steep
Good stuff. Pleased to hear that.
It was huge wave of nostalgia for me, obviously, but the missus really enjoyed it, too, and she didn't know a huge amount of his stuff. There was a bit of duplication across the nights, but not much (except some of his banter, which was the same each night - largely very entertaining though), but that's to be expected. He had someone chucked out one night for mouthing off - otherwise they seemed to take his politics and his jabs at the president in good heart!