Forthcoming gigs.

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Read this yesterday and had no idea what you were trying to do. Why would they play the SOL ? Are they still going ? He's spelled it wrong and would know the correct spelling. I didn't sleep pondering it:D
Saw Emma Pollock at the Old Cinema Launderette last month and she's back in the north east at Bobiks in Jesmond on 2nd November. If The Delgados ever reformed and played the SOL I'd be there!


Surrendering to old age, just got filtered ear plugs. Last gig I went to knackered my right ear for a couple of months even though it wasn't that loud. Probably making their debut for Pumarosa at the Cluny.
I've had tinnitus since I was about 23 and been using the ear plugs ever since - wish I wasn't so naive and got them earlier.

mad maxim

I've had tinnitus since I was about 23 and been using the ear plugs ever since - wish I wasn't so naive and got them earlier.
Never had more than 24 hours ringing/deafness til that last gig, but the ear still isn't right now so I'm taking that as the warning shot. I'll still feel like an utter prawn wearing them though!


Picked up a few tickets lately. Upcoming list is

Saxon - Gröna Lund
Björk - Glöben
Mayhem - Fryshuset
Toy Dolls - Kraken
Slipknot - Glöben
Five Finger Death Punch / Megadeth -Glöben

All venues in Stockholm. Bit of a mixed bag.


Just ordered tickets for The Who at the arena.

Nick Mason tickets on sale tomorrow.

Going to see George Ezra at the Royal Albert hall next week.

Not a gig as such but Roger Waters last tour film is on at the cinema in a couple of weeks.

Think that's about it for now.


The Dream Syndicate
Sad Boys Club ——————————7/10————-
Hugh Cornwall
Childcare —————————————5/10————-
Ferris & Sylvester ————————3/10—————-
China Crisis
James Taylor Quartet
The Pale White ——————————5/10——————
Rhod Gilbert
The Daintees x2
The Roxy Girls
Chris Difford & Boo Hewerdine
David Baddiel
Yowl—————————————-couldn’t go...........
Fang Club
Black Midi
She Drew The Gun
Ruby Wax————————————-6/10———————-
Avalanche Party
Beach Riot ———————————--forgot—————-
Ardel OHanlon
Pit Pony
Alexander Armstrong
Tropical Fuck Storm
Daintees on at Half Moon, Putney toneet. Anyone gannin?
Just got tickets for the Twilight Sad at Leeds (can't make the Newcastle gig) and then I've realised we're at home to Tranmere the same night :evil:. Although after last night it won't be a hard choice


Martin Stephenson was his usual entertaining self last night at The Half Moon, Putney. Had the former Only Ones guitarist John Perry backing him. Twas basically a semi acoustic drummerless gig which explains why he’s on at Great Portland St in a few weeks time presumably with The Daintees.
He’s lost a lot of weight since The Jazz Cafe gig a few years back and looks the better for it.


As we're now in 2018, what gigs have people lined up this year ? For me I've

Wrangler / lone lady at Lexington London
Michael Rother ( Neu ) Jazz Cafe London
Hookworms at the Cluny
Arcade Fire at Manc Arena
LCD Soundsystem/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs London

Can't wait.
Fancy going to see evanescence next year as they are only doing one date in London in 2020
Adam Green at EartH, October 22nd.

Can't fucking wait. Hadn't realised his new album came out earlier this month. Only 30 seconds in but so far it's absolutely mint.