Flat caps


I’ve always fancied a baker boys one but I’m scared in case people think I’m baldy underneath one.

I wear one when it rains. Keeps the drops off the specs.
I took a baseball cap into the Roker End for decades for the very same reason.


Central Defender
People aren't wearing these on nights out on the town are they? I wear a hat when I'm out walking if its wet out but thats it.


I’ve got a black paper boy cap, nowt flash just wear it with my wax jacket if I’m out as a beanie looks a bit crap with it when it’s cold...


Central Defender
Our lass is bothering me to get one as her fatha got one for Xmas. I’m 45 and as bald as the day I was born. I wear a company baseball cap for work but can’t see myself in a peaky blinder just yet