Flat caps

hefty em

Remember when we played spurs about 6 year ago at the sol. Might have been when we tucked them 4-2. Loads of their fans around roker/harbour with them on.

I decided then, they're for cunts.


Folk wearing those baggy ones in this day and age, look like right pricks and should be rounded up and sent for compulsory snips before doing too much damage to the human gene pool.

Slow joe

It's staggering the amount of people on here who enquire whether or not something is acceptable before doing something they obviously want to do.


Should be made law that you need to be retired before being allowed to wear one.

Hope you took the piss?
I could have said something and he’d have laughed it off initially but then spent the next 6 hours trying to think of ways to get me back for mocking his class hat.

Sometimes it’s not worth it.