Flat caps


I've worn one on and off since my teens. I'm 46 now. I suspect I've often looked a bit of a tw@t but don't particularly care!


I've got one, had it a while and I'm 46.

However put it on at the weekend and the bairn said I looked like my fatha, he's 69, so the cap got taken off and the bairn got clipped (not physically before the abuse police are on to me................)


Nowt wrong with them. A staple of the British working man.

As for wankerishness, that depends on the style and the person wearing it.
If you make a flat cap out of a stotty you can have a flat cap and lunch in one especially if you fill stotty with pease pudding. Eat the top off stotty and impersonate a ginger
A flat cap made of stotty would be a risky proposition in rainy weather, especially if filled with ham and pease puddin’ As you suggest. There’d be no eating necessary as the pease pudding would dribble down the face and take on the appearance of a hipster beard.

Btw : if the pease pudding you’ve been eating is ginger I’d think seriously about changing your shopping habits or have a word with your granny - as appropriate.