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    It stinks!
    I'm not a fan of Sky F1, can't get away with the that Simon fella and Martin Brundle is a soggy fart.

    Mark Webber and David Coulthard are good crack.
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  2. errant

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    not a lot you can do sadly, 5 years of it & i don't think it will change much after that. the money that sky are putting in is something like over 10% of the total revenue (going off that beeb article) making them the largest single sponsor of f1. the interesting fact from the same article is that chase carey sits on the sky\fox board - so i don't foresee f1 returning to free-to-view in the medium term...
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    Between the 2, there was a great team - but I agree, there's people who aren't really that interesting on there.

    Rosberg for one. And pains me to say, but I don't get much from Damon Hill.
    Pleased Karun moved over though, he's excellent.
  4. errant

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    with the confirmation that channel 4 are prohibited from broadcasting in the pit-lane, i understand why he'd move away from the channel 4 coverage.
  5. PTR

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    They don't have a reason to be there anymore. Aside from the British GP, all they are doing is broadcasting a highlights package.

    They may as well wind down the team really. It would be cheaper to use the Sky commentary tbh, and just have 2-3 people in a studio - match of the day style.
  6. Dullest man on the planet. Seems to have no opinion on anything.
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    For sure.
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  8. errant

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    as Coulthard owns the production company, i doubt he'll put himself out of a trip to every grand prix...

    fairly sure i know what you did there... ;)
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  9. Randy Bareback

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    I just feel by slowly restricting the broadcasting rights for free to air channels, sky are slowly cutting off more and more viewers of f1. The one thing f1 needs is viewers and interest in the sport but as i mentioned earlier 65% of the total viewing figures of f1 last year, came from c4’s coverage. I can see the logic in what sky/f1 want to achieve and try to incentivise people to pay for sky sports to continue watching the sport but i dont think it will, if anything it will maybe cause viewing figures of the sport to drop.
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  10. I can see Sky putting a few races on Pick TV in future and seeing how the ratings fare on there. Bound to be more than the 700,000 or so they were getting last year.
  11. In fairness to Sky, they have separated the F1 channel from the rest of the sports package by offering it for £10/m. It's a long way from FTA coverage, but as pay models go, it's a lot cheaper than it could have been.
    Agree with this, I reckon we'll see a few of the lesser races put there (Bahrain, Spain) with a couple of the crown jewels there too to try and entice people in. If they can, they'll definitely make the British GP available for free as direct competition with C4.
  12. Didn't even know there was one last season :p:oops:

    Where's this league at?
  13. alexander

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    Can't remember, it is on my night computer. Will have a look later on.

    Considering I don't drive, have never fuelled a car, never watched a race and missed a few rounds of predictions I did rather well. :lol:
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    Ferrari sandbagging quite a bit in those first two practice sessions. Gone from looking quite a bit faster in pre season testing to nearly a second behind a couple of weeks later.

    Looks worrying for Williams though as I doubt they were sandbagging and they were nearly two seconds behind the next slowest cars
  15. Bishop Boy

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    Re:Williams, it could be the ultimate laying down for bets in the history of mankind.
  16. Smiler

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    Suppose it's one way for them to raise extra cash :lol:
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  17. Williams should make some big improvements before the first race. As I understood it, Barcelona was the first time they'd actually bolted the car together. They'll have gotten a lot of data and scouted all the other cars during the first couple of days (what else where they going to do); so they should make the biggest improvements in the pack.
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  18. PTR

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    Did they turn up to Barcelona with an illegal suspension system? :lol: They're fucked imo. Shame though.
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  20. Cheers
    Will get on that tonight

    Has it been proven illegal yet?
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