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    I can't remember it ever being mentioned in his career. At least not on live TV. Bizarre, isn't it?
  2. errant

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    Having only watched the first two episodes, so far i like the fact that its not dominated by either of those two top teams... this feels new a fresh because you didnt really see it at the time while the Live TV concentrated on the battles at the head of the field, and interviews of the podium finishers. the Sainz v Alonso tussle for 7th in Spain wasn't high on my memories from last season, although i think they over-egged the edit for dramatic effect. I couldn't have told you who the Haas team chief was before this, but he's coming across as a bit of a character.
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    Well it has sort of mentioned it in this documentary now but at the beginning of the episode it’s like - Sainz Met Alonso in 2005 and was so inspired to become a driver he had to follow into F1 - but just overlooking the fact it’s entirely down to his dad.
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  4. the boot

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    Tbf he’s not the only one in the starting grid purely down to nepatism
    And also it’s a dangerous game to be in not have the talent to carry you.
    Verstappen Dad was driver
    Lance stroll. Dad team owner
    Magnussen. Dad was driver
    Latifi - dad is big investor
    I’m sure a bit more digging would unearth more.
  5. West_Winger

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    I never said he was.

    I was saying that the programme on Netflix was being disingenuous by making out as though his “rise” was solely down to his meeting Alonso and being so inspired that he made it alone.
  6. the boot

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    Oh I know mate It wasn’t a dig at all. Just following on the conversation.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it live/commentary too about his fathers rally championship days.
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  7. errant

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    I don't know if Asif Kapadia was directly involved, other than Netlfix bigged up that the series was produced by "the makers of Amy & Senna", however... i've found his\their stuff to be very cleverly edited to make a good drama out of fairly mundane circumstances. The opening scene of senna is his lotus in 85 rolling down the pitlane at estoril and when the lotus goes out of shot the mclaren of prost rolls out their garage - setting a scene of rivalry that's 4 year's out of view...

    The story of Sainz wasnt really about him, more about Alonso and a mundane battle for 7th (?) between two spanish drivers in the spanish gp... its like the the Haas Crew Chief in episode one giving the pep talk on pit stops, at that point it was like 'ah so it was *that* race where Haas fucked up twice'...

    Having watched three episodes i'm enjoying it, although one minor issue is the use of will buxton to explain to those who have not seen F1 one before (the american audience i assume) what's going on, but to the rest he's just stating the bleeding obvious.
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  8. I never knew Danny Ric was capable of swearing until I saw this. It seems so surreal!
  9. Randy Bareback

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    Dont know if this has been mentioned yet but just reading the new f1 tv deal with free to air/freeview for next year. Says that sky have only permitted c4 1 race to be broadcast live which is the british grand prix. Also says whilst c4 have the rights to broadcast extended highlights of the rest of the races, they are only allowed to show 50% of the actual race which is down from around 60-70% last season. The last part of the deal which i found interesting was that c4 are now not allowed to interview drivers in ‘race areas’ whatever this means. I think its a shame that the sport is sadly being wound down on a free to air platform. Since i was a kid ive always watched f1 but looks like sky are starting to cut off the availability for free to air viewers. Maybe not that surprising as the viewing figures suggested that c4 actually had 65% of total viewing figures of f1 in the uk last year.
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  10. hudson88

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    Charlie Whiting has sadly died

  11. errant

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    I assume you’ve been reading Andrew Bensons BBC Sport article... race area is the ‘interview pen’, pit lane & grid (so no grid walk). They can use sky’s pen interviews though...

    The one live race, is I assume mandated by the government round the British GP being part of the free to air ‘crown Jewels’?

    Ferking hell, that’s a shock! RIP
  12. Very sad news about Charlie Whiting. Obviously very well respected by all in F1 for his work on driver safety and fairness in racing.

    Big shoes to fill now.
  13. smasha

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    I'm 99% certain this is the case, same with FA Cup final, Grand National and a few others
  14. West_Winger

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    He’s irreplaceable imo. How very sad. RIP.
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  15. PTR

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    Awful news today
  16. anth

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    Shocked about Charlie. He’s been an integral figure for as long as I’ve been into F1. RIP
  17. Truly shocked by this. Must've been quite sudden too. RIP Charlie.
  18. errant

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    pulmonary embolism apparently...
  19. alexander

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    Are we having a league again this season ?
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  20. PTR

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    You gotta think all that flying hasn't helped.

    So sad. He was such a "constant" of F1.

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