Do You Still Send Cards?

Nope! was never big on it , but did it reluctantly, now don't bother. Another part of our culture, along with newspapers etc, that is disappearing, all very sad, but times change I suppose. Even buying a present for my kids is a big NO NO these days, just send us the money dad they will say, again all very cold and sad, in an increasingly cold and sad society that we have become. I always think it is nice that someone has put time and effort into buying you a present, even if on many occasions that present is not exactly what you wanted or its too large or small etc, sending money or a voucher or a text is just so lazy and cold. It is difficult to believe that only as recently as 10 years ago, my parents would spend all day around this time of year, writing out Xmas cards then my dad would go around the village posting them by hand. The Royal Mail was booming as people posted presents all over the country and the world. Technology is slowly killing life. I wouldn't like to be a 20 yr old today.
Good post.

Technology is definitely killing tradition.

Sometimes 'progress' and change is not always for the better.