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Discussion in 'SMB' started by HeroHurley, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. HeroHurley

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    Now into the quarter finals of the Grand Slam

    Suljovic v Van den Bergh and Whitlock v Price tonight.

    Gary Anderson v Michael Unterbuchner and Jonny Clayton v Michael van Gerwen tomorrow night.

    Semi finals Sunday afternoon and the Final on Sunday night.

    Can't beat the darts during the winter. :cool:
  2. Good game here, Price vs Whitlock. 12-12
  3. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Aye, darts season indeed. This is usually my favourite event outside of the worlds but I've been focusing on the tennis @ the O2 more this week.

    Nice to see the BDO lads competing well with 7 of the 8 winning a match, 2 qualifying from their group and someone into the quarters.

    MVG vs Smith was a cracker last night.
  4. Two million voices

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  5. errant

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  7. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    Great wind up merchant was Manley, he would Lewis up rotten that day :lol:
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  8. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Strange scheduling at the darts today.

    They have Price vs Suljovic at 1pm, followed by MVG vs Anderson, which should take place around 2/2.30pm. There's no doubt the latter is the main event here, but with England kicking off at 2pm, I thought it would make much more sense for that match to start at 1pm as a lot of the darts viewers will primarily be football fans. It would also give their big stars more recovery time for this evenings final.

    I'll watch the darts from 1-2, but then switch over to the football.
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  9. Oli Wagkz

    Oli Wagkz Striker

  10. Brilliant to see Anderson beat Van Gerwen in the semis this afternoon.

    Hopefully wins the final as well.
  11. jarramackem

    jarramackem Midfield

  12. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Yeah, it's great that there is another player who can live with MVG. I think MVG was a little under par there and certainly missing more doubles towards the end than he normally would, but just makes it much more exciting when you know he's not unbeatable as he can almost be unplayable at times. Also just makes you look forward to the Worlds that little bit more when you feel it's more open. These two are well ahead of the rest at the moment.
  13. Dubai Si

    Dubai Si Midfield

    the sporting equivalent of the Blazing Saddles cowboy camp fire.
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  14. Ch1982

    Ch1982 Winger

    If it’s half as good as the matchplay final it’ll be right.
  15. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    Price is a right wanker.
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  16. hank evans

    hank evans Striker

    That’s one of the worst displays I’ve seen by a professional,thoroughly awful and unenjoyable. He did a right number on Anderson mind. The taffy faced twat
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  17. Shame he had to resort to that carry on. Price always seems to provoke his opponents mind.
  18. Pacific

    Pacific Striker

    it's unprofessional but technically didn't do anything wrong. Gary shouldn't have let it bother him
  19. hank evans

    hank evans Striker

    True. But the celebration for a 140 in the middle of the 3rd leg of match does not require a celebration like scoring a winner in the World Cup final
  20. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    Can definitely see both sides of the argument like. What can’t be argued is how much of a tit Price is though.
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