Christmas decorations


Noticed on Thursday night that my neighbour has their tree up already.. Anyone else seen or have theirs up yet?

I was half tempted to buy some Christmas tree chocolates when I saw them yesterday. It’s just wrong though, December 1st at the earliest.


Up to the individual i suppose.
Dont bother with owt like that myself.
No tree, no decorations, no 'christmas' dinner.
Putting it up too soon spoils it for the kids I think. It’s such a long time for them to wait for Christmas.

I think Christmas decorating should be a gradual thing. At the beginning of December, put on the Christmas bedding and get out the Advent calendars. Get the kids to do their presents lists.

In the second week start them on making decorations. Do Christmas cards if you want to or whatever your substitute if for cards. Maybe do some shopping and let the kids help to take it to the food bank so they learn that Christmas is about giving as well as receiving.

Third week put up the tree and the decorations that they made.

Christmas Eve have the Christmas Eve box with new pyjamas and slippers, a Christmas dvd and a book to read at bedtime such as The Night Before Christmas, or even the Nativity if you want them to know why we have Christmas. Hot chocolate and marshmallows if that floats your boat, or some other treats while watching the dvd. Put out the carrots for Rudolph and a drink and a mince pie for Santa and jobs done.

So lots of small events before the main one.


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Passed a house where they had the chocolate advent calendars up on the window ledge. Luckily it's Scotland so they won't melt by December. Or maybe they're just horsing a chocolate a day from October until Christmas.