Christmas decorations

The beauty ones are popular. Several sold out shortly after release.
I was just going to say that, advent calendars are huge business now as it’s not just chocolate, you can get beauty products from Boots and Body shop, luxury products from John Lewis and Harvey Nicks, Lego and Playmobile and even scented candles.


Passed a house where they had the chocolate advent calendars up on the window ledge. Luckily it's Scotland so they won't melt by December. Or maybe they're just horsing a chocolate a day from October until Christmas.
Bought my chocolate calendars (Lindt) from Ikea on Monday. They're not on display though.


Advent calendars are a bit old fashioned, I think their days are numbered.
They’ve changed- gin, cheese, make up, coffee, Lego all behind the doors these days. Lego ones sell out every year. I often think I should buy ten star wars Lego ones to flog on eBay, they go for substantial amounts in run up to Christmas but it feels a bit wrong.


I rarely have my decorations up before about the 15th and they are almost always down before 5th Jan. You just get fed up of them, especially a tree taking up a corner of the living room.

When I replaced my tree lights a few years ago, I made my own out of programmable strings of lights. I have a control box under the tree where you can pick a colour scheme or animation, so I’m always pleased to get them out each year. Even with that, 2-3 weeks of decorations, then back up the loft for another year