Car window tab throwers

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Someone got done throwing one on the floor outside my train station the other day.

Great watching them squirm in front of everyone

Bob Fleming

Vile people. I reckon loads of them wouldn't drop other litter but see no issue in their little butts being strewn around the place.


Few years ago I was driving home from work and noticed that I needed petrol, so stopped off at the Esso. Whilst filling the car I managed to splash a bit petrol on my cuff, which I thought nothing of, so I paid and went on my way. Few minutes later I fancied a tab, so lit one up, smoked it, then went to flick it out of the window.. and missed. It rebounded off the window in a flash of sparks and before I knew it my fucking hand was on fire. So I've got my arm out of the window, on fire, and I'm waving it about trying to put the fucking flames out, when suddenly I hear the sirens of a police car behind me.. the twat pulled me over and arrested me for possession of a firearm! :p

(That's a shite joke btw I don't even drive.. or smoke.. unless it's cannabis.. or yer dar's cock.. I'll get me coat)