Butter or margarine

Marty Moose

Couldn't give a shite, it all tastes fine to me on a slice of toast. Obviously butter is king, the extra calories it adds not worth the pay off imo.


The basic method of making margarine today consists of emulsifying a blend of oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources, which can be modified using fractionation, interesterification or hydrogenation, with skimmed milk which may be fermented or soured, salt, citric or lactic acid, chilling the mixture to solidify it, and working it to improve the texture

Yum Yum
Champion,you've talked me into making some toast and spreading it on nice and thick .


"spread" is much better these days than in the 90's though. Its a decent blend of oils and butter isn't it?

I prefer butter, but the fucker is impossible to spread out of the fridge, and I keep forgetting to have a little pot left out.