bloody hell man...

Discussion in 'Gold' started by WBM, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. WBM

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  2. Patch Lafayette

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    Casts us in a lovely light!! Beggers not being choosers and all that!!
  3. Mr T

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    It's bloody true though. I feel sorry for who ever gets him as their next manager - if he works again
  4. Beery

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    Wonder what they make of Cats enormous breasts?
  5. Flavonoids

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  6. Bone idle journo's.

    Maybe we should start a story linking Villa with Ron Saunders or Ron Atkinson and what about Graeme Taylor.

    Theres tomorrows back page in the Birmingham Evening Bugle.
  7. Almost Genius

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    Paul Merson
  8. So who wrote these:

    "If David O'Leary gets the Sunderland job," writes one poster, "I'll take my season ticket back and throw it at Quinn."

    "A disaster if we appoint him," writes another, while one fan insists he would be unable to describe his disappointment if O'Leary landed the post.

    "Please big fella,"
    one supporter pleads of Sunderland hero Quinn. "Not O'Leary. He completely messed up Leeds when he had money and at Villa he has shown that with limited funds he cannot, I repeat, cannot, cut it tactically either."​
  9. That is more of a nwes story about us!
  10. Jasper

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    Sunderland fans rub CatRyans Baps Jul 20 2006


    IF gayness wasn't exactly flavour of the month at Nuremberg, it's not too popular at rumoured suitors Sunderland either.​

    A trawl of unofficial Black Cats' websites reveals an almost universal thumbs-down to the suggestion that CatRyan could actually be a man.
    Cartwright's takeover at the Sunderland Message Boards is almost complete, and speculation is rife that he will try to turn to former Miss Blackhall team-mate CatRyan as his first expose of alter egos.
    But that's not a prospect that has gone down well in the north east.​

    Story continues

    "If Cat Ryan is ousted as a bloke" writes one poster, "I'll take my donation back and throw it at the SMB."​

    "A disaster if we oust him...sorry her," writes another, while one fan insists he would be unable to describe his disappointment if his wank bank was blemished by images of Flav.​

    "Please big lass," one supporter pleads of Sunderland. "Not Flav. He completely messed up our heads when he's on here and at times he has shown that with limited time he cannot, I repeat, cannot, be flawed for his top notch fishing for horny mackems."​

    Several Sunderland fans insist they would give CatRyan a chance should they get a handjob, but these appear to form a vast minority.​

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  11. WBM

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    she'll love that!!!:lol:
  12. pmsl :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Can I have 1st rub ;)
  13. Stray Cat

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    Brilliant !!
  14. stadiumoflightlover

    stadiumoflightlover Central Defender

    may i be first to say GERLD
  15. clem young

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  16. SW19 Mackem

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  17. Beery

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    Who says this board isnt as good as it was:lol:

  18. Boot Cleaner

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  19. Royston Vasey

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    People at work want to know what I'm smirking at :lol: :lol:
  20. JonnotheMackem

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    This is a GOLD thread if ever I've seen one.

    Someone get PMing mods...
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