bloody hell man...

Discussion in 'Gold' started by WBM, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Jasper

    Jasper Striker

    aw shucks you guys :oops:
  2. Quinns Disco Kegs

    Quinns Disco Kegs Central Defender

    Fecking belter Jasper. Fecking belter.:lol:
  3. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Marquees. :eek:
  4. skeletor

    skeletor Guest

    What can you say fecking brilliant
  5. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Quality jasper lad, quality.
  6. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    Jasper that was fucking hilarious :lol: :lol:
  7. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    people are asking me why I'm laughing and I had to tell them it's about Birmingham and they wouldn't believe me:lol:
  8. AdamskiRoze

    AdamskiRoze Guest

    Very good.
  9. Tr1p0d

    Tr1p0d Midfield

    Let me add myself to the list of GERLD requestors. Spot on that Jasper :lol: :lol: :lol
  10. GERLD

    Shit Wrong colour...
  11. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    You've been eating green slush puppies again havnt you?
  12. Jasper

    Jasper Striker

  13. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    In the real article I'm quite sorry that they didn't use some of the actual reasons posted like he's got a rubber head.
  14. Gerld Again
  15. has to be gerld
  16. burge

    burge Guest

    At least, unlike others in the media, they are upfront and honest about their laziness
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