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  1. Silly Point

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    One good innings in ten, as was always the case with him. Not afraid to say I can't stand the bloke, to the extent that I can't just sit back and enjoy watching him, always want him to fail and disappointed when he doesn't. Even Kohli, Warner and Smith don't have that effect on me.

    Was watching it earlier (recorded) and he was on about joining the Aussie coaching staff for the T20s in a couple of weeks, but I couldn't tell if he was serious or not. Wouldn't surprise me if it is true. He's like the Farage of cricket. Just when you think you've got rid of the **** he comes crawling back looking for attention.
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  2. NorthCountryBoy

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    Joe Denly is a strange choice of overseas but he just played a good knock there
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    One of the most overrated of all time but he's treated like a demigod by casual fans so he's still here.
  4. Tasman

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    The Cane train keeps rolling behind Short's efforts
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    I don't think Rimmington is playing as an overseas, British passport somewhere in the family I think
  6. Silly Point

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    Going to be a fascinating finish to the league stage with four teams fighting for the last two places in the top four. Reckon whoever gets the home final will win.
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    I have enjoyed watching it but the standard is pretty poor. Some of the bowling is absolute buffet stuff.

    The commentators go on like the last shot was the greatest shot they have ever seen.

    Great catch yesterday mind.
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