Bands/singers that you didn't listen to properly and appreciate how good the are...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Junior Birdman

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    Muse for me. Obviously heard some of their stuff, but never really paid that much attention. Possibly because my ex quite liked them when they first came out. A mate used to bang on about them but I've just started listening to them a lot more recently and I have to say, they're very good indeed. A bit embarrassed I left it this long.
  2. riffraff

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    You wanna hope this one drifts down page one sharpish then off into the cyber ether......yah daft deaf get yah.
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  3. EchoMan

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    Well that’s really helped his cause then
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  4. riffraff

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  5. Some Random Guy

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    Muse have some canny songs.
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  6. EchoMan

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    He’s had zero replies for over 2 hours and then you raise it to top post saying he wants to hope it drifts down page 1 sharpish.

    Genius :lol:
  7. riffraff

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    Twas just about to drop to page 2. Unlucky.
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  8. chriswallace85

    chriswallace85 Striker

    They have half a good one... the riff bit at the end of this..

    And that's it.
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  9. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    The nearest thing to a canny song is the one they nicked from the closing credits of The Long Good Friday.
  10. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    The Gypsy Kings, aye they blather on in Spanish a bit, but the music is class.
  11. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    Not sure I often agree with you about music made after 1974 but that's by far the best thing they've done.
  12. Aretha Franklin for me. Never listened to her much but when she died and her music was all over the place I realised what I had missed.
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  13. Big Dave 53

    Big Dave 53 Winger

    Depeche Mode for me. Never really got them back in the day - went with our lass (no) to a gig cos she loved them. Absolutely brilliant! Seen them a few times since and listen to them very regularly now.
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  14. Mickdundee

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  15. CPK1979

    CPK1979 Midfield

    This is one of best releases I’ve heard in a while
  16. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    My 2nd favourite band. Only seen them the once like. Was meant to see them again earlier this year but broke my leg :neutral:

    Wey no man ;)
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  17. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    Muse! Pearl Jam! Jeseus fuckin wept man have you no critical faculties whatsoever. I heard Vincent Van Gough got an email from ticketmaster about a joint Muse-Pearl Jam tour of Holland all those years ago...
  18. Mickdundee

    Mickdundee Central Defender

    I’ve never seen them live. I only got into them in 2015, 20 years after their peak and over 15 years after I started getting into music properly!
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  19. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    I've liked Pearl Jam for years. All time favourite's are R.E.M.

    Put that in your pipe ;)

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