Apple Music / Amazon / Spotify


Tried them all over time but stick with Spotify premium, the four of us all have our own....well worth the £15 a month or whatever it costs.

As an aside, got a mail to say suspicious activity on my account which was locked and I had to reset password etc....should have seen the shite on me recently played when logged back in!
You’re mental. All the playlists created for you will be all over the shop. Get the family account so you’ve got your own identity.

Ive even created a YouTube profile for my 4yr old daughter to watch her shite on. Can’t be messing with my algorithms.
I have a family account, that I pay for :)


I have Apple Music, purely because it’s the first one I got a free trial from. They all seem to be pretty much the same.

Apparently I’ve listened to 392 artists and 209 albums this year so far.