Anyone recommend me a new tv?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by addicted_to_safc, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. I am looking for a 49" 4k smart TV but there are so many out there I just don't know where to start, my head is absolutely done in reading reviews. Got about £800 but would obviously prefer not to spend that much. All I want is a telly with excellent picture quality.

    Anyone got any recommendations?

    I was looking at this one but it comes with a magic remote (which I have no idea how to use and a few are complaining about it in the reviews) so would prefer one with a normal remote if possible.
  2. PTR

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    I bought a ks7000 when I wanted exactly what you just asked for with the same budget, but not sure you can still get them, 2017 tvs will be out by now.

    @Sleepy might be able to help.
  3. I have a Phillips 49 inch 4k smart telly which I got for £399 from Argos

    can not fault it
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  4. tenpins

    tenpins Central Defender

    Had a Sony 4k one which broke down after 14 months.
    Replacement LG one , similar to the link delivered next week.
    Luckily it was covered by a store guarantee.
  5. The Great MES

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    I have a 43" Blaupunkt smart TV bought for £150 from Tesco on black Friday. Its spot on
  6. shogun1904

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    What was the issue with the Sony? I have a 2015 Sony Bravia. It isn't a 4k one like.
  7. sima-hebburn

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    +1 for this tv

    the input lag on this is brill if your a gamer, improved my gaming

    then the colour, you will wank over the colour :eek::eek: mates seen it & are gobsmaked,

    the HDR 10 bit

    got the boost mode on ps4 pr0 & went back to old games and jesus christ this tv is the biz

    nevermind wanting to watch old movies on / the 4k stuff
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  8. tenpins

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    Strange purple lines appeared on the screen.
    Bought it from John Lewis so they recalled it and tried to fix it.
    Nothing they could do apparently.
    Googled the fault and someone said it was the screen of death :confused:
    I'm hopeless with techy stuff so haven't got a clue what caused it.
    Up until the fault it was fine, a great picture and sound quality.
  9. Amnorrageordie

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    Just bought the one in the link last week. Still can't work it, but will get there. The remote is like a wii controller and mouse combined. Get it for that price. Yet to try a BTW mind.
  10. Cheers, I have been looking at that one but not sure if its worth spending £800 when I can get one that will probably do for around £500. I don't play games, however my little lad plays on his Xbox / PS4 a lot and can't see that ever changing.

    I would almost certainly go for that one if it wasn't for the remote control, I would never get my head around it. As for the BTWs I'm not a bloke so don't think that will affect my decision :lol:.

    This is the only Phillips one I can find on Argos, is it anything like this?
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  11. that's the one. Got mine pre Christmas, when they had deals on. Still not bad at £499, considering your budget.

    got it delivered the very next day and took about 30 mins to set up myself.
  12. sima-hebburn

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    I used to spend £500 on tv's but spent extra for hdr, lag etc and its best tv i ever had, paid £880 & it dropped £80 2 days later grrrrrr but was £1400 last summer , you could wait as 2017 models out so may get cheaper. i wanted it now for ps4 pro & hdr etc
  13. Cheers, think I am edging towards that one like. Can't really justify spending £800 when there are canny ones out there for £500. Is the remote control a normal or magic one?

    I am really unsure what to do. I was talking myself into getting a cheaper one (or trying to) but my little lad does love his games and the telly I choose will have to last a few years. Don't know if its worth paying the extra while I have the money.
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  14. sima-hebburn

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    like i say your paying for 10 bit & colour's

    Both Dolby Vision and HDR 10 are variations of the same thing, High Dynamic Range. In simple terms, HDR is the television’s ability to display colour and contrast, to produce realistic images.

    Essentially these new HDR televisions have a great range of colours and a wider variation between blacks and whites. The result is much clearer pictures, with more lifelike skin tones and more varied blacks for clearer dark scenes. Of course this varies between LCD and OLED screens. After all, LCD televisions boast a higher brightness but OLED screens enjoy blacker blacks - but that’s a debate for another day.

    For a lot more information and explanation, check out our complete guide to HDR

    So what’s the difference between Dolby Vision and HDR 10?

    Dolby Vision vs HDR 10: Colour bit depth
    One of the greatest variations between the two formats is the amount of colours that can be displayed. In short, Dolby Vision is better as it can manage 12-bit colour for a total of 68 billion possible colours. By comparison, HDR 10 tops out at 10-bit meaning it can only manage one billion colours.

    The fact that film studios make movies for Dolby and need approval for Dolby mastering adds more points to the Dolby Vision camp when it comes to colour.

    Of course, both standards are still massively impressive when compared to non-HDR televisions, which top out at a meagre 16 million colours

    i had a 4k UHD(£500 from argos) before ks7000 , and its crap compared to this tv.
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  15. standard black one with a Netflix button near the middle. Top half has pause, fast forward etc on, bottom half has number keys and volume control
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  16. daedalus

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    Just bought a Samsung quantum dot curved TV and the samsung sound bar- Picture and sound quality is exceptional, depends how much you want to pay really,TV alone was £1700.
  17. Amnorrageordie

    Amnorrageordie Midfield

    Look at me etc.
  18. Oli Wagkz

    Oli Wagkz Striker

    A decent TV is peanuts nowadays. £500-£600ish
  19. PTR

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    Yeh, my ks7000 is quantum dot. It's very good.

    The magic remote is shit though. Although I haven't tried fitting the new hdmi cables to see if that helps.

    Funny enough, my last tv was universally reviewed as one of the best pictures you could buy and that was £500 whereas for similar review ratings this time, i had to spend a lot more.

    I think I paid for future proofing though. An 8 bit sdr set would look very similar today, for half the price.
    But in two years time.....
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  20. Sleepy

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    As @PTR and @sima-hebburn said - look at something like the KS7000 for that price.

    Just under £800 with 5 year warranty here:

    If space isn't an issue the 55inch can be had for a very similar price.

    Amazing tv's for the price.

    Don't go for cheaper ones as you will be missing out.

    The LG's especially in the cheap price range are fake 4k and not true 10 bit panels. They fake it.

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