Anyone own a farm?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by TheWanderer, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Stubbs ftm

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    Eric gates has pigs

    Does that down on the farm place not have pigs at warden law?
  2. TheWanderer

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    Aye, but you can’t feed them.
  3. Do it on the sly

    ‘Danger feeding pigs’ is surely better for her bucket list
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  5. Patch

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    @Manuel has half a farm although it's the arable half. However, I believe he's on speaking terms with his brother and might be able to sort something out.
  6. mcq10

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    Whitehouse farm in Morpeth let’s you feed the animals.

    Mind you that was my four year old who did it not a grown adult
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  7. Goat Eyes

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    Buy her a mini pig. You’ll complete her.
  8. MSC

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    Have a word with that old bloke called McDonald I think.
  9. Goat Eyes

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    Beamish actually have pigs and you can feed them there. Big fuckers mind but eat straight from your hand.
  10. MSC

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    Getting boaring this thread
  11. I’d be surprised if a commercial farmer would let you near his/her herd as the bio security would make them twitch and after seeing a commercial herd ( in door) you might never buy or eat pork again. Find a hobby farmer like myself and most will let you get in with them ( if they are well behaved) and scratch them and feed them. I’ve got a sow due to farrow any day which is very cute to see and then in 6-7 months you get this
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  13. Bill quay farm is public access. Don't normally allow the public to feed them afaik. But tell them its a treat for mrs W and offer a donation/bribe and you may get lucky. Bill quay Gateshead that is.
  14. No.
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    @cornish mackem has pigs
  16. 18 clem is a decent target.
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    I was asked yesterday in all seriousness by a woman that should know better how she could lose half a stone or preferably more before her holiday in 4 weeks time. As she ate apple crumble.
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    Met one of the Red and white army who posts on here, can I hell remember his username, anyways I was introduced as my username and his first comments were along the lines of ‘I thought you’d be a lot bigger’ fuck you! ;)

    Might of just being polite mind! :confused:
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