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Alan Brazil

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bob Fleming, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Curlyteeth

    Curlyteeth Goalkeeper

    Rob greenland
  2. Monkey

    Monkey Midfield

    Even Dulux don’t have that shade of pink.
  3. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Tbf that waitrose has a wine bar.
  4. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Aye but do you see many walking around with a trolley and a glass ?

    Maybe you do ;)
  5. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Genuinely you do. It's a weird place
  6. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Weird City piss pots ?

    Then again only wrang uns order pints and a half
  7. RichD

    RichD Striker

    Red Red Wine......face...
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  8. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Aye and aye.
  9. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    I think when he actually does kick the bucket it will be because his head’s exploded.
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  10. Roger the Dodger

    Roger the Dodger Midfield

  11. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    1.20 in

    He really is a horrible ****....will have been more upset if his favourite Canary Warfe was to close
  12. Pleased he is back from holidays tbh...far from perfect.
    Laura woods was shocking last week. Giggling sycophant.

    I generally handled around 90 seconds and turned over.
  13. The warthog

    The warthog Goalkeeper

    I advise everyone to start making precautions in order to stay safe when he eventually bursts
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  14. box2box

    box2box Striker

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  15. Mantobar

    Mantobar Midfield

  16. Again. “Just exploding”.
  17. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    The really annoying thing about him and his show is the never ending touting “wee Davey Moyes” and “Big Sam”
    for every job going while bumping his gums should any foreign manager be linked.

    Fatheed and Boozil together are fucking awful
  18. Nee Woodsy on this week, she must be on her holibobs?
  19. Mantobar

    Mantobar Midfield

    Used to be an avid listener then few year ago realised the whole station us awful. Presenters and the 'live' commentary which is them watching it on a tv
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  20. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Jack Bannister was the ultimate for that....when giving cricket commentary you could sometimes hear his wife asking if he wanted a cuppa, or sometimes he’d be watching a different channel when they went “live” to him
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