Adidas trainers

No need for raffles I’d suspect. General release by loads of stockists so the bots won’t be that interested. That and they’re excluded from discounts on Adidas so should be able to grab a pair no bother. Or at least that’s what I’m banking on.

Surprised they’re doing general release as it removes the ‘premium’ element of them. Got some 2014s but they’ll be everywhere now.

apparently people have had the unsuccessful email from Hannon as well but raffle shouldn't be closed yet from them. still say the 26th like on adidas app
Nike have been having issues with released for the past 18 months, shocked Adidas haven't had that many tbh, been a bit of a joke trying to keep on track of when each shop has been releasing stuff as Nike have told them to do it whenever they get the stock.
Think part of the issue is the truck drivers over here
Issue for Nike (not sure about Adidas but most likely) was getting the product from Asia to Europe and USA. Once it got to the country most were not having big issues getting them to stores. I'd say around 25% of Nike schedule releases have been delayed on either their site on one of the major stockists.