Adidas trainers

JD sports were flogging handball spezials (Amsterdam colourway) last night for £10. Must have been a glitch. Loads piled on in buying multiple pairs from what I gather. I missed it and site had crashed by the time I saw it. Anyone on here get lucky.
No, tried to get various sizes, all sold out. Hated the colour but for £10, why the hell not?

Anybody in for the CP Spezials? Heard a rumor that the Stockholm’s are on the shelf at the Carnaby Adidas store. If there’s any London based posters on here then I wouldn’t mind a UK size 9 please ;)
Plenty on eBay with a healthy price up at the moment, so unlikely to get at the RRP direct or from reseller! :rolleyes:
Companies like cp company shouldn't ever release on their own site, should have been either a raffle like ALD done for the NB 550 or instore only, id hazard a guess 5% of stock was sold to genuine customers, the rest will be to bots. If the likes of offspring and kith can't beat bots and they have weekly releases cpcompany don't stand a chance. Sad but that's the state of trainer culture now.

Not that they'll care as they still got the money and now extra hype that's its sold out.
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