A Covid safe protest outside the SOL


To be fair something needs to be done. If we were allowed in the ground he would be gone as the whole place would have gone up by now. Perhaps a protest during a lock down would put an enormous amount of pressure of the arseholes who run us and they would be forced into action. It would be all over the media.

john h

No cross-border trips...order from the Sturgeon lass..so that's me out....not seen my cousin (Felling) since March...but as soon as safe to do so I'll be SOL (and Felling) bound..


No need.

He be gone soon.

Pity some of the players won't go with him.

To be fair to the players why could and should have won that game today. We were cruising at half time. Parkcuntson cost us the game by failing to go for the kill. We were crying out for some pace to be brought in at 70 mins to stop them coming at us. If they did we could have caught them in the break. It was so obvious it like he is deliberately trying to get the sack


Central Defender
Is there any type of group libel case we could put forward after Donald making out our supporters kidnapped his daughter?