20 years ago today, best ever at S. O. L.???


Buried my mother in law in the morning then I went to the match on the afternoon, with the mrs' blessing btw


The 7-0 win against Oxford does it for me. Obviously the opposition were crap but the atmosphere on that Tuesday night game was amazing as a 14-15 year old. Those faw seasons were special times and it doesn't look like we will see times like that anytime soon.


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Didn’t the game get delayed an hour ? a remember everyone getting load more beers in brogans it was the time when the town was rammed before games, the atmosphere was class in the sol and just knew we would beat them those were the days !
The game against Chelsea, was something else.
I'd been at Stamford Bridge, to see us getting humped 4-0, and expected a tough season.
Luckily we quickly found our feet and beat the Mugs away in the rain, and our season just took off.

I got to my seat for the Chelsea game at the SOL, as Chelsea were re-starting the game, after Quinny had scored in the first minute.
We then totally dismantled them, in an amazing first half of total football.
SKP scored a belting goal too, and such was our utter dominance, Desailly was taken apart by our attackers, and was subbed for the 2nd half.
One of the great games at the SOL., and a privilege to be there to see it.


My favourites are that Chelsea game, the Ji around the keeper, Richardson 2-1 and Shef Utd playoff.

I wasnt on the banks of the river wear Burnley game, missed that one.