“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

Discussion in 'SMB' started by alzeebub, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Not even close
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    Yeah I just checked. it's around 20%. I'm surprised by that, thought it would be higher tbh. It's basically like Millfield, which is around 20% Asians.

    http://c8.**Removed for copyright reasons**/comp/E5CEXC/upper-tooting-road-tooting-london-uk-28th-july-2014-hundreds-of-muslims-E5CEXC.jpg
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    How many have I got to ask? 1, 10, 100, 1000?

    If I asked 100 I'd probably get 100 different answers, which still wouldn't change what it actually says in the quran.

    I probably would if terrorists were using it as justification for their actions and there was a thread about it.

    And you're a clueless gimp who's already been shown up twice on this thread. Firstly when you incorrectly claimed there was no Islamic terrorism before 9/11 and then when you secondly tried to claim you meant only in the UK, and you were wrong on both counts.

    Just give up now, you haven't got a clue.
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    That conclusion will save you valuable time.
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    You obviously haven't taken that advice on board :lol:
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    He's not dumb, even though I disagree with him about almost everything.
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    I enjoy shooting fish in a barrel. ;)

    On the subject of Islam he most certainly is.
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    He's not dumb either, even though I disagree with him on almost everything.

    Message boards send people fucking weird.
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    And now you're inventing scenarios that never happened? :lol::rolleyes:

    Only one person showing themselves up in this thread mate. It's you.
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    What never happened?

    Any chance you can explain what scenario I invented which never happened?
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    It's a 2 year old thread. Hang on a sec while I dig out the links I saved for just this occasion :lol:
  12. Iran, Libya and Palestine were a lot more active in the 70s and 80s, since then the political climate has shifted considerably. Rather than radicals with a grievance about Israel, spurred on by Soviet influence because of the cold war, the problem is radicals whose grievances are really just a pretext for a regional and ideological struggle for supremacy. And the West still struggles with the idea that the force behind it is the Saudis who aren't really on our side.
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    @Dagzd1973 Any chance you can let me know what scenario I invented which never happened?
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    There is only one group who use revealed truth and religious dogma as justification for their violence.
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    There's not like, but one group is way out in front of the others.
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    Not all Bearded people are terrorists, but all terrorists are bearded people.”
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    That's them Africans for you, all bat shit crazy mentalists
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    The scenario where you're not a racist?
  19. You do speak sense sometimes then ;)
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    :lol: now you're resorting to slurs as you've been proven to be full of shit.

    First of all you claimed there had been no Islamic terrorism before 9/11. You were wrong. Then you tried to redeem yourself by claiming you meant only in the UK. You were still wrong. You've also claimed incorrectly that certain posters including myself have said all muslims are terrorists. Now you are resorting to disgusting slurs. You're all over the place and I suspect you're slightly unhinged.

    Woolly blanket statements like that mean fuck all.

    Specifically how am I "dumb" with regard to the subject of Islam?
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