You’re at home and have 2 hours to yourself

Depends on weather and what needs doing.

Cuppa tea sat on the bench by the pond watching the fish and listening to the water trickling down the waterfall is up there.

Occasionally a walk round the racecourse along the river.

If the grass needs cutting I’ll do that.

In France it would be a walk down the lanes to the beach and sit birdwatching by the lagoon with a couple of beers.
What do you have to do like? Apart from sorting the pigs out? You’ve got a wife to do stuff and the bairn is a grown up.
I’m sure some people just create things to do to fill up their time. I work at work, I don’t want to have to come home and do work as well. My idea of a perfect Saturday is probably 8 hours on the settee/PlayStation then out on the piss. Who cares how many household jobs need doing? Some people wouldn’t be able to sit down if there was even one job needed doing.
Last night for instance. Home just after 5. Tea made, sat down at 7 to eat.
Put chickens away, washed up. Washer on and tidy kitchen. Sort feed for pigs in morning, shower. Glass wine ( fall akip before finishing it) and bed at 10.