Xmas lights up already

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Dave Herbal, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Case proved,

    'You don't like xmas, yer a miserable twat' Forced happiness
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    Just had a shortcrust pastry mince pie, I feel dirty.
  3. alexander

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    Went OK. They went in at the groin again and up to the heart to have a snoop around. Took just under an hour and they were mostly pleased with the progress. One side of the heart had a lil' issue so they will monitor me and I need to go back in again in six months time, which will make it a close call for my trip back to the NE in August as am not allowed to fly up to three months after each procedure but I reckon it will be good by then. Am still a bit tired and sore and need to take things easy for a couple of weeks but other than that am OK. Got some more pictures of the heart and the metal thingies they put in back in May and have put them up on my FB page like last time.

    Not meant to get stressed either for a couple of weeks so am hoping for an easy win for us tonight in Dublin.
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    Good to hear - take it easy
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    I still have last year's tinsel up at work. Our decorations will be going up first weekend in December. Noticed Reds hair salon already has their trees up.

    This post has made me feel sad inside.
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