Wisdom tooth coming through...

when one of mine came through the swelling was such that i began to resemble John Merrick. When it was eventually removed it required so much effort I thought the dentist was giong to put his foot on my chest for leverage
I know of someone who was knocked out for his four coming out and when he woke up he had bruises on his chest from exactly that.


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My bottom one was impacted so I had to go to the dental hospital to get it removed, after what seemed like an age of him drilling, grinding and pulling it was finally removed (in bits). About 3 hours later when the local anaesthesia wore off was no picnic, the worst pain I’ve ever felt! Ended up self medicating with Tramadol.
About 4 years on now and I’ve still got no feeling in parts of my tongue and the rest of it has a sensation of pins and needles.
Good luck
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I had all four taken out in 1977 and can honestly say the pain and discomfort I experienced was second only to severe gout attacks.

I hope this helps to put the OP's mind at rest.

When I was a teen, the dentist looked at the X-Ray of my teeth and talked about the angle the were growing at. I still remember his reassuring words of "They are ok now but in years to come they may need to be removed, due to the angle they are growing at. That would not be here but most likely the hospital because it will be a right butchers job to do". Put me at ease like!!
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Hurts like a bitch. The wife thought it was hilarious that I had no idea what was causing the pain. Probably the first bit of dental pain I’ve had in my life.

Anyone else been through it? Any tips for the pain?
Back in 2016, all 4 of mine grew through at the same time, caused me considerable pain and one was growing through cracked, got them all removed, so was a diet of soup for a month sadly.

Erm what I done was got that anbesol oil to rub on the affected areas and that helped, some asprin helped as well.


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I have an extra set of wisdom teeth in my bottom jaw. One set came through when I was a teen. The other haven’t come through, but they like to move around and occasionally try to poke through on the INSIDE OF MY JAW towards my tongue, and then go back in again. Occasionally they pierce the skin, and then go in again.

So I laugh at your paltry single wisdom tooth.
We're related, but I'm probably from a higher cast as I had Peter Noone fangs to boot.

Son of Stan

I never got any wisdom teeth. No dentist has ever mentioned it either. I'm in the process of getting an implant and the dentist keeps telling me I've got a small mouth, so I'm wondering if it's connected.

Oh and implant surgery pain. Horrendous. Had a trout pout for 3 days.
About 2 weeks ago I felt like I was starting to get an abscess.

Due to my previous history of DIY dentistry (one example being so fed up with pain i tried and failed to pull a tooth out with pointy nose pliers, in the shed at 3am, and ended up in hospital.) This time, the missus quickly got me an emergency appointment. They did an xray and its a wisdom tooth. Dentist says its fine and they'll leave it, but sometimes it hurts like hell if I chew something on it.

Can't find my pliers, I think she's hidden them.