White supremacists matching in Virginia

Discussion in 'SMB' started by hexhamali, Aug 12, 2017.

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    makes a change from holding lighters up at gigs imo
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    Seen the recent Ross Kemp series? There was one set in Texas exploring the likelihood of a race war and they were at a pretty small scale white nationalist demo where the anti fascists turned up. Like I say, it was small but got very heated and both sides were tooled up without AK47's, m16's and shotguns... which is their right in Texas. Amazing it didn't turn into a shooting match, fucking mental.
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    the most Forward backward country ever
  5. Interesting development for the states, mind its not a shock.
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    Trump's election has definitely made these knackers feel more comfortable in public.

    I must admit, I'm not sure I'd agree with removing Lee's statue. Airbrushing history is never a good thing.
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    itd be like us removing havelocks statue because lefties say its a symbol of empire etc. he was/is a hero of his state so id argue to keep the statue. both sides are fucking crazy mind
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    which Havelock statue ? the one in the duck park in town or the one on the plinth in Trafalgar Square that the weasel Livingstone wanted to replace with Steve Biko
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    one in town. well any really
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    Slavery is understandably still a sensitive issue down there, mind.

    Robert E. Lee was one of the more "enlightened" Confederates and had a far more nuanced view on slavery than most of his contemporaries. He essentially viewed it as a necessary evil to "educate" the black race in order to prepare them for better things. Very much an advocate of the "white man's burden."

    Still wrong in the grand scheme of things but in the context of his era he was one of the more respectable Confederates.
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    Trump can't bring himself to explicitly condemn the white supremacist protesters and their attack... instead condemns violence on "all sides" :rolleyes:

    You'd think they're voting for him or something...
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    It doesn't help the case that those protesting are white supremacists, like.
  14. In his defence, it was pretty much a 'who can be the biggest nazi' competition. Nazis vs anti-nazi nazis.
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    No, there are counter protests taking place by anti-racist and anti-fascist groups, he made a point of it to condemn them too.
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    Lee was offered command of the Union army but turned it down
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    Not surprising.
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    100% this.

    Lee didn't fight for slavery he fought for the state of Virginia after the southern states left the Union and the North were marching on his homeland. As much as Jefferson Davis was a slave owning prick and shouldn't have statues, Lee was a great general who won battles against the longest odds.

    Because he couldn't command an army invading his home state
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    He felt duty bound to fight for Virginia as it was his home state. He didn't actually agree with secession.
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    Is it like PlentyOfFish but with no coloureds ?
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